How to Choose Sex Positions to Conceive a Girl


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How to choose sex positions to conceive a girl: Are you and your partner trying to have a baby girl? Have you done everything you know to succeed but failed? Watch this video for tips on how to choose sex positions to conceive a girl.

The theory that sexual positions can influence a baby’s gender is based on the belief that sperm have different characteristics, depending on whether they carry the male (Y) or female (X) chromosome. Apparently, sperm that carry male chromosomes swim faster, but their female chromosome-carrying counterparts have better stamina, allowing them to travel further in search of the egg. Following this logic, couples are more likely to have a baby boy in sexual positions that allow deep penetration, because the short distance to the cervix favors fast-swimming sperm cells. Meanwhile, sex with shallow penetration improve the odds of making a girl baby because it will force the sperm cells to travel further to reach the egg, decreasing the chances of survival for male chromosome-carrying sperm.

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