How to put a Condom On - Destroying condoms with a Big Penis - 18+


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as for why this condom keeps breaking, see this video

learn how to measure you penis in this Youtube video

Learn how to regrow your foreskin in this you tube video

Condom size is VERY important, as you see in this video, I break the first 3 condoms before I succeeded, Still you should protect your self form STDs and practice safe sex.

((UPDATE! buy your condoms from amazon if you like me cant find your size locally!))

Now to put on a condom you want to make sure the well or nub on the head of the condom is not tight on the penis, it needs to be there to catch sperm. This way your ejaculate or cum will not break the condom during sex or coitus. Also make sure you Size your condom properly, my penis is to big for regular sized condoms ... which Is why I destroyed 3 of them (and taking them off was not very comfortable ether)

If like me you have used penis enlargement, you may find condoms difficult to use, in which case, female condoms are a better alternative as they are MUCH wider and more accommodating to men with a bigger penis.

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