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Maya (Liv Tyler) proposes casual sex with Ollie (Ben Affleck), who is reluctant at first, but soon succumbs to the offer. For more of Jersey Girl:

In this scene: Ollie (Ben Affleck), Maya (Liv Tyler)

About Jersey Girl:
Ollie (Ben Affleck) is a smooth and successful big-city publicist who has the life he's always wanted, until things take an unexpected turn and he finds himself an unemployed single father back living with his dad (George Carlin) in the suburbs. But just when he thinks his life has hit rock bottom, a sexy, no-nonsense video store clerk (Liv Tyler) enters his life and shows Ollie that sometimes you have to forget who you thought you were and acknowledge what really makes you happy.

Starring, in alphabetical order: Ben Affleck, George Carlin, Raquel Castro, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Schwalbach, Liv Tyler

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Jersey Girl | ‘Casual Sex’ (HD) - Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler | MIRAMAX

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