Skyrim Mod Review 02 - Chocolate Milk - Series: Boobs and Lubes


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Hello you sexy beast, welcome to Boobs and Lubes. A series where we take a quick look at fancy and eye catching mods or games. A pirate must have a large harem... but all pirates must eventually settle down to raise a family.

Mods Used
Frank's Scimitar by FrankFamily

SkyRevolution - Assault Rifles_Sniper Rifles and Sub-Machineguns by Loshirai14

Scarlet Dawn Armor - Color variations by jmenaru and istoleyourface

BTRH Waifu by borntoraisehell1979

Little Cabin by Faelrin

Songs Used
Girls und panzer ost Panzer Vor

Trigun OST The First Donuts - Carrot & Stick

K-ON! OST - Doki Doki Friday Night

Oreimo OST 09 黒猫はタンゴ Kuroneko no Tango

Oreimo OST 11 幼なじみ Osananajimi

Hellsing OST RAID Track 4 Certain Victory Lotus Tune

Sound Effect:
Counter-Strike Radio

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