Yu-Gi-Oh Sex/Fetish PRANK


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Calling a domination/fetish duo as a Yu-Gi-Oh nerd looking for some hot action. How will Master Lex handle the constant barrage of Yu-Gi-Oh requests/references?

This call gets pretty fucked up to the point where he genuinely agrees to twizzle stick my wiener with a knife.

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Found these guys on back page, thought it would be funny to call and my god was it a crazy experience. This guy was fully willing to go at my dick with a knife blade with no more acceptance than an agreement to do it and some advice that my wiener won't work again.

I don't know about you but I don't want a knife put in my foreskin and cork screwed in like a bee hive in the summer. Shit be too crazy for me

Yu-gi-oh was a big part of my child hood, the new ones I am not too fond of (one on the motorbikes, wut) so I thought "Hey, I did a bunch of Pokemon prank calls, why not do a Yu-Gi-Oh one?"

Took me a long time for the subtitles but i'm happy with the product and I hope you guys enjoy!


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